COE Co-Sponsors GTI Summit: Innovation & the Future of Government


Steve Goodrich Podium GTI Summit (2014.01)Last week, The Center for Organizational Excellence, Inc. (COE) co-sponsored the first Government Transformation Summit, held by the Government Transformation Initiative (GTI) at the National Press Club. COE President and GTI Vice Chairman Steve Goodrich spoke at the summit alongside distinguished speakers David Walker, Former Comptroller General and Chairman of GTI, and Tom Davis, Director of GR at Deloitte LLP. Read More

Government Transformation: Leaning Forward Leads to Change


Building a resilient, engaged, energized and motivated workforce is the first step toward government transformation.  One way to build resiliency is to encourage employees to Lean Forward.

Lean Forward Poster

Federal employees (and their managers) must be willing to participate in the dialogue that leads to lasting solutions.  Employees should seek out opportunities to learn something new and push themselves to find the most efficient and effective way to solve our government’s problems. It takes courage to try a new approach and challenge the way things have always been done. But it’s that questioning and challenging of the status quo that leads to real improvement. Read More

Government Transformation Starts with You


Last week I had the opportunity to deliver the welcoming remarks at Human Capital Management Government (HCMG 2013), a premier Federal conference for HR practitioners that COE is proud to sponsor for the fifth year in a row. The message I most wanted to share with the leadership in attendance is the importance of resilience. It is a difficult time for federal employees, who are demotivated by budget cuts, hiring freezes, furloughs, and fragmented, partisan leadership. But now more than ever, federal employees need to recognize that the power to transform government isn’t in Congress or agency leadership, or the person in the cube next to you---the power is in you.

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